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RI-TELLER is the name of our semi-annual newsletter. Members are encouraged to participate in making this newsletter vibrant by writing articles for each edition.

Theme: Immigrants, Refugees and Long-Term ELLS

1. Welcoming Rhode Island by Brandon Lozeau

2. Resources for Empowering Learning & Language with Muslim Immigrant Youth by Heather Homonoff Woodley

3. Featured Blog: Speaking Upside Down by Jon Lavieri

4. Classroom Resource: Kahoot! by Laura Vawter

5. The Maple Leaf Becomes an Olive Branch by Paula Markus

6. Moving Beyond the Burning Grass by Mary Steele

7. The Lesson of the Doorway by Doug Norris

8. Adult Practitioner Award: Nancy Fritz by Doug Norris

9. Dorcas Builds Bridges for Immigrants & Refugees by Kathleen Cloutier

10. Advocate Spotlight: Omar Bah by Shelynn Riel-Osorio

Issue 14: Fall 2017
Theme: Long Term ELLs

1. Does the Long-Term English Learner Label Hurt the Students it was Intended to Help? by Dr. Maneka Deanna Brooks

2. Complex Sentences: Independent Access for Your ELLs by Elizabeth Hartung-Cole

3. Stories of Community and Culture Energize First Gallery Walk by Doug Norris

4. Using DuoLingo to Expand Learners' Vocabulary and Listening Outside of the Classroom by Laura Vawter

5. How to fix a Toxic Chicken (and Other Stories from Conversation Class) by Doug Norris

Issue 15: Spring 2018

Theme: RITELL Abroad

1. Just Because You're A Native Speaker Doesn't Mean You Can Teach ESL by Keith Folse

2. 5 Questions with Rachel Greenberg

3. Coffee & Donuts by Doug Norris

4. So You Wanna Teach English Internationally? by Graham Oakland

5. Adventures of an ELF by Jane George

Issue 16: Fall 2018

Theme: Understanding the Needs of Newcomers

1. Pathways to Participation: Creating Communities that Tend to the Needs of Newcomers by Annie Smith

2. Programming for Newcomers by Annie Smith

3. Strategies for Easing Transition Shock by Lousie El Yaafouri

4. Bridging Worlds in Words and Art: The Language Journey of Ana Flores by Doug Norris

5. Questions by Doug Norris

Issue 17: Spring 2019

Theme: Translanguaging

1. Translanguaging for Social Justice by Maria Cioè-Peña and Tom Snell

2. Bilingüismo, Translanguaging y Estudiantes Bilingües Latinx

 by Ofelia Garcia

3. Translanguaging in the Drafting Process: Writing across Cultural Style by Rachel Toncelli

5. RITELL: Tenets

Issue 18: Spring 2020

Theme: Continuing the Conversation

1. Spring 2019 Conference Wrap Up by Tricia Kelly

2. Better Books for Multilingual Learners by Iveth Zoraya Streisand

3. Fall 2019 Conference Wrap Up by Tricia Kelly

4. Way Back at WIDA by Tricia Kelly

5. Celebrating Our Identities in Rhode Island by Cathy Fox and Sarah Reis

6. Teacher Feature: Yomely Marte

7. Passion and Gratitude: Youmi Kim

Issue 19: Spring 2021

Theme: Talkin' About Some Bright Spots!

1. Targeting Student Talk by Nancy Motley

2. Capturing Speaking Opportunities as You Teach MLLs Online: Ideas for K-8 Educators by Dr. Nancy Cloud

3. Engaging Adult ELs in Conversations in a Distance Learning Platform  by Iveth Streisand & Jay Busse

4. MLL Bright Spots by Tricia Kelly

5. A Chat with... Award Winner: Elisa Rivera

6. Spotlighting... Award Winner: David Buchalter

7. Pandemic Haircut by Shuk Chun Yiu

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